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Welcome to Klubworld:

Klubworld is the Home of Home Based Business Opportunity


Klubworld is a new concept of gathering together like minded business people from anywhere across the world to FREELY share their views, ideas and experiences of online businesses. Most businesses presented are FREE to join.

(Visit the website by clicking on either the Buy Now or Pay Now buttons at the bottom of this page to Join)

Some others require a minimal registration fee. All businesses presented by Klubworld are with high income earning potentials with genuine product/service to offer (not just some reports or CDs to buy but equally not stockpilling stuff to qualify type of business), low cost (or no cost) of running, little or no upfront registration fee payment and no recurring monthly fee to pay.

This concept was developed as a result of getting into the hands of "Internet Sharks" there online who are out to just scam and rip-off gullible people. They will promise heaven on earth, pile in the sky and "Get Rich Quickly" stuff of conning people to pay them a lot of money and delivering nothing. They make people who are already poor looking for a way out of debt to get poorer and deeper into debts.

So Klubworld provides the opportunity of like minded business people to bring their wealth of experience to help one another to make progress in online
business opportunity. Most importantly, it gives members the opportunity to reveal scams so that we all know about them and avoid them as much as possible. The scamsters prey on the ignorance of people who use the internet. Therefore, the first battle is that of identifying the scams and exposing them for members to avoid them.

After keeping aside the scams, the genuine businesses are crtically viewed with respect to the points enumerated above. Not too expensive to join or run, not requiring stockpilling stuff in a warehouse before qualifying for a paltry commission, etc. Then members help member to succeed.

Klubworld was Launched in January 2009.  Our one-off low registration fee is just 1/$1/E1. This continues to be in line with our principles of making registration affordable, one off and not any recurring monthly fee.


Yet the business being offered are ALL having high income earning potentials.


You are hereby informed not to underrate the scheme/club because of the low cost joining fee of $1.00.  As a matter of fact, the joining fee is just to show your interest and commitment.  If not, what is $1.00 going to buy these days? Just a cup of tea or coffee probably. So don't let it deter you from Joining today.


Membership of Klubworld creates a great avenue to share ideas and experiences freely with like minded business people across the globe without any limit.  This benefit is invaluable. We are not going to make any hype about the benefits as some other sales people do with their schemes or programs.
Usually people underrate low cost or cheap or FREE things. But what people forget to understand is the difference between COST and VALUE. Something may cost nothing but could be of a high value. For instance, the air we breathe is FREE. But the value is priceless! How much can you pay for the air you breathe in one hour or one day, one week, one month, one year and for how long you live on this planet earth? PRICELESS! I reckon it will cost Quadrillions or Zillions of dollars. But we don't pay for it.

On the other hand, something may cost so much and have little or no value. E.g. trying to sell Brazillian iced water from Amazon River in Canada may cost much but value less.

Just visit the website for more details and join this elite Klub. Click either the (Alertpay) or the (Safepay) or the (Paypal)  button below to Join.




Shadie (Founder).

Click on any of these 3 payment buttons to proceed. Thank you.

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